Distribution of Funds

“Your association’s distribution of funds is one of the best I have seen. Keep up the good work in behalf of those serving in the DPS.”
A note we received from a Texas resident
The Texas DPS Troopers Foundation supports Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) commissioned officers, communication personnel and forensic scientists by providing financial assistance in times of emergency need, survivor benefits at death, education and training programs and scholarships for qualifying family members. The Foundation also supports at-risk youth programs in the community, as well as education, preservation and development programs for the DPS Historical Museum and Research Center.
Previously, all fundraising efforts for programs supported by the Foundation today flowed through the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA). However, the DPSOA Board of Directors made two important and distinct decisions in 2010. First, the Board decided to separate the non-profit functions from the daily work of the Association. Thus, the Texas DPS Troopers Foundation was formally created as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization on July 1, 2010. Second, both the DPSOA Board and the newly created DPSTF Board elected to stop all telephone solicitations as a means of fundraising for the Foundation. (see: Code Of Conduct)
The DPSTF continues to solicit contributions from individuals, corporations and other foundations through a combination of direct mail, email campaigns and direct solicitation.

Distribution of our funds through May 2021
(includes DPSOA and DPSTF)

  • DPSOA Member Will Program:$6,250
  • Trooper Teddy Program :$40,851
  • Other Donations:$15,321
  • At-Risk Youth Programs:$94.419
  • Emergency Financial Assistance:$524,554
  • Survivor Death Benefits:$1,156,313
  • Scholarships:$515,000
  • Education & Training:$485,632