Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association Political Action Committee
5821 Airport Blvd. Austin, Texas 78752

With your help, we can make a difference at the Capitol!

During each legislative session and the interim, the DPSOA Legislative Committee works on your behalf ensuring our elected officials understand the priorities of our membership, such as advocating for needed pay raises, improving our pension and benefits, and securing funding for overtime pay. We also work strategically to oppose legislation that is harmful to our members.

We understand that lawmakers face tremendous pressure to address many important state issues and know there are many organizations and constituencies that compete with our interests. That is why we believe it is vitally important to our cause that we contribute to the campaigns of elected officials who have consistently supported our agenda and actively work to our benefit.

Please consider donating to the DPSOA-PAC today so that we can support those who support us!

PAC donations must be made with personal funds and should be made payable to: DPSOA-PAC.
DPSOA PAC Donation

Suggested PAC donation amounts based on position/salary

  • $15+ PCO
  • $20+ Comm. Supervisor
  • $25+ Comm. Area Mgr.
  • $50+ Forensic Scientist
  • $25-50+ Trooper
  • $50-75+ Sergeant
  • $75-100+ Lieutenant
  • $100-150+ Captain
In recognition for donations of $50 or more, you will receive a special DPSOA tactical pocketknife.
DPSOA-PAC represents all services in DPS, and decisions on how to make contributions from this fund are made by a committee composed of DPS employees. As a contributor to the PAC, your input is welcomed regarding how contributions are distributed.

Thank you for your consideration!

Richard Jankovsky
President, DPSOA-PAC Chair